Prof. Marianne Touchie, Ph.D., P.Eng.,
Assistant Professor

Cross-appointed in Civil Engineering and Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Phone: 416-978-5919
Office location: GB314B

PhD Students

helen-headshot2 Helen Stopps (MIE)

Helen Stopps graduated from the Engineering Science program at the University of Toronto in 2015.  After graduating, she worked at the Independent Electricity System Operator supporting electricity generation and demand management programs.  Prior to graduation, Helen worked in a variety of industries including oil and gas, cellular communications, and automotive manufacturing.

Helen is assessing the potential impact of smart thermostat use on energy use and GHG emissions in the multi-unit residential building sector.

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MASc Students


Wei-Chih (Jeff) Huang (CIV)

Jeff Huang received his B.A.Sc. degree at the University of Toronto in 2015. For a brief period in 2014, Jeff interned at Howarm Construction Inc. in Taiwan gaining experience with regards to construction and project management. After conducting a research project on cooling spaces in Central Vietnam for an Appropriate Technology and Design for Global Development course, Jeff has developed a strong interest in passive cooling technologies.

He has transferred into the BEIE Research Group after a year in the M.Eng. program here at the University of Toronto. Currently in his final year of his M.A.Sc. studies, he is conducting research on methods and solutions to passively cool new high-rise buildings in Mumbai.

 jay-headshot Jason Gray (CIV)

Jason received his B.Eng from Ryerson University in Civil Engineering in 2014.  Starting in 2014, he worked in general contracting for EllisDon in the sustainability and building automation groups where he received first-hand experience in the design and innovation that goes into construction, as well as the challenges that face buildings post-occupancy.

His research interests include the energy consequences from occupancy interaction with building systems, passive design, as well as the effect heat-recovery ventilation has on indoor air quality.



 Anna McCormack 2 Anna McCormack (MIE)

Anna recently completed the Master of Architecture program at the University of Toronto.  Prior to studying architecture, she received a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical and a Bachelor of Education in Physics and Math.   Her M.A.Sc research is focused on the impact of retrofit strategies on air flow in post-war, multi-unit residential buildings.



 joseph Ng Joseph Ng (CIV)

Joseph graduated with a B.A.Sc. in Civil Engineering from the University of Waterloo in 2017. Throughout his undergraduate career, he explored the different fields within the industry including consulting, construction, project management and construction products.

His research interests lie in investigating the potential of using big data to predict occupant comfort levels in indoor environments.

 headshot Marina VeraZambrano (CIV)

Marina VeraZambrano graduated in 2004 from the Catholic University of Santiago of Guayaquil in Ecuador with a Bachelor in Civil Engineering, and obtained a Masters degree in Urban and International Development from the University of Toronto in 2012.  For two years, she traveled around the world with an organization that works on local development projects in different countries.  Marina also gained experience as a designer of water supply, sewage, and rainwater collection systems, mainly in overlooked sectors.

She is currently in her first year of her M.A.Sc. working on the development of a low-cost diagnostic tool to assess the effectiveness of food drying processes in developing countries.


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Undergraduate Students

 headshot kaibing han Kaibing Han (MIE)

Kaibing Han is a current undergraduate student in her second year of studies at the University of Toronto. During her first and second years, she worked on several projects in areas such as optimization of reverse osmosis in maple syrup production process and improving the waste sorting system and the exam transportation system on campus.

Kaibing is helping Jason with assessing ventilation in social housing buildings pre and post retrofit to determine the effect of overcladding on interior and exterior air leakage in individual apartments as well as the total leakage area.



MEng Students

Mitchelle Macalinao (002) Mitchelle Macalinao (MIE)

Mitchelle holds an Associate degree form Montgomery College and a Bachelor Degree from the University of Maryland College Park in Mechanical Engineering. With the desire to pursue higher education, he chose to attend the University of Toronto in 2017 to obtain his Master of Engineering Degree. Mitchelle has worked on several projects that has helped his knowledge on HVAC principles and has started to shift his focus towards that area of engineering.

Currently, Mitchelle has recently started a MEng project that considers the thermal assessment of Social housing buildings in Toronto with respect to the airflow in the building and the seasonal changes pre-and post-retrofit. Mitchelle also currently interns at a global engineering consulting firm.










Cara Lozinsky M.A.Sc. (CIV), 2017  Project Manager, Sense Engineering Ltd.
Chia (Derek) Chan M.Eng. (MIE), 2017
Matt Carlsson M.A.Sc., 2017 (Ryerson) Building Science Consultant, Morrison Hershfield
Christina Ismailos B.A.Sc. (CIV), 2017 Building Science Engineer (EIT), RDH Building Science Inc.
 Kunyuan (Claire) Zhang B.A.Sc. (CIV), 2017  MEngCEM Candidate, University of Toronto